28 January 2006

Fill in your own joke.

So after 5 years of driving 80 in a 65, I finally got caught. Driver's ed is mind-numbingly boring, but I did learn something today:

Water Crashes

If your car lands in water, ALL occupants should:

1. Release seat belt and open window.

2. Try to escape through the window IMMEDIATELY.

  • If you have an infant in a car seat, take the whole car seat through the window with you
  • If you have a toddler in a seat, release the seat belt and take the child with you

3. You will not be able to open the doors until they are completely covered by the water. If window escape is not possible, unlock the doors IMMEDIATELY.

  • Panicking is NOT an option
4. There will not be a pocket of air in the back seat! NO air will remain trapped in the vehicle. YOU MUST EXIT THE VEHICLE.

About water crashes

Most cars will float 1 to 3 minutes unless heavily damaged. Older vehicles will usually sink faster than newer cars. Because the weight of the car is not centered, almost all cars will sink hood first. That is because of the weight of the motor more than anything. If this occurs and the occupants are not able to escape through the windows, they will have a brief amount of time available to escape through the doors before the car hits bottom. The deeper the car gets, the harder it will be for a layman to make a breath hold ascent from depth. Almost as soon as the top of the door post is covered, the water pressure will lessen enough to allow the door to open. Occupants MUST exit immediately and swim to the surface.

When the car sinks in water whose depth is less than the length of the car, it will almost always land on its wheels. In water deeper than the length of the car (and not acted on by current) the vehicle will almost always turn over and land on its roof.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good to know

Dave in Texas

5:15 PM  
Blogger Russ said...

The one upside to a water landing: No visual evidence of your loss of bladder control.

11:11 AM  
Anonymous harrison said...

I wonder if Sen. Kennedy took this course.

11:13 AM  

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