22 January 2006

Friday's crossword...

...which I just now did, took me 18 minutes and I had to look up one word (orzo, a type of pasta. I went blank).

But this crossword was very annoying. I've never done one with so many tricky clues. To wit:
  • "Kid," as in "josh," not as in "child."
  • "Mean business," as in "evil," not as in "saying what's what." (Ok, I shouldn't have been tricked by that, but still.)
  • "Makeup, e.g." as in "exam," not as in "blush."
  • "Downed a sub," as in "ate," not as in "sank." And you can't tell me that wasn't intentionally confusing.
  • "Seeing things," as in "eyes," not as in "hallucinating."
  • "Water vessel," as in "ewer," not as in "boat."
I've never said so many swear words while doing a crossword.

Come to think of it, it was the same swear word. I just said it a bunch of times.

By the way: sorry about the confusion with the date & time of the last two posts. Not sure what the deal was on those. I blame INTERNET, mostly because it's easier (and more fun!) than blaming myself.

Update: Figured it out. Turned out it was because I had left the "create post" window open on Firefox, and the timestamp is based on when you open that window, not on when you submit the post. I fixed the two problem posts.

Still, I blame INTERNET.


Blogger Anonymous Austinite said...

ha, i was just telling my roommate this evening that i have some orzo which i've been meaning to do something with. he likes to plan out all our suppers at the beginning of each week.

1:23 AM  
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