04 January 2006


Howdy, and welcome to my small corner of the Internet. To briefly explain my pseudonym and blog title, Mrs. Peel was one of the main characters of a British TV series, The Avengers, and the Skylark of Valeron is an eponymous spacecraft in E.E. "Doc" Smith's Skylark series.

I've actually never seen any episodes of The Avengers, nor have I been subjected to the recent film remake; but I was introduced to Mrs. Peel through a speech given by a character in a book called Bimbos of the Death Sun (it's a murder mystery set at a science fiction convention; I recommend it to any SF fans who have a sense of humor about their fandom). The description reminded me of Miss Parker of The Pretender without the hard edge, particularly since they both have really cool outfits I would never dare to wear.

As for the Skylark of Valeron, the reason I love space opera so much is sentences like this one:

Against the forces he had just seen massed against the Skylark of Valeron, DuQuesne's own Capital D didn't stand the proverbial chance of a nitrocellulose dog chasing an asbestos cat in hell.

I always wonder just what proverb that is.

As for what you can expect from the blog, I have a number of features planned. I will have two daily features, "Today in the Science & Space News," in which I will highlight some of the most interesting (to me) articles in the morning's science and space news, with links and commentary. The other daily feature is entitled "Today in The Battalion," in which I will comment on the Batt, particularly regarding bias, poor journalism, the opinion page, and moronic Mail Calls. I'll try to provide links, assuming I can find them on the Batt's website (commentary will be based on the paper version). I'll also let you know how long the crossword took.

I will also be blogging politics, as this is one of my primary interests. I'm conservative and have generally voted Republican with occasional votes for Libertarians. I did seriously consider voting for Badnarik, but in the end, I voted for President Bush based on foreign policy, and I'm glad I did.

Another feature will be Potterblogging. Since I have lots of spare time this semester, I'm going to reread HP 1-6 and blog my thoughts whenever I hit something interesting. (In practice, that will probably mean whenever a certain Potions Master enters the scene.) I'll try to keep those behind cuts so those who are not interested can easily avoid them.

I got started earlier than I expected. Read the next post to find out why...


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