23 January 2006

Light to nonexistent blogging today...

...because I've generally been staying off the Internet. I didn't want to ruin the first good mood I've had in weeks by reading more about Iran.

I finally got tired of my old desktop wallpaper and made a new image using this shot of sunset on Mars, taken by Spirit and published by NASA through the JPL image gallery. For my desktop purposes, I added lines from "How Great Thou Art" to the upper left and lower right corners. It's very cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

such a teeny sun.

I'll put it on my notebook for a while. it replaces the shot of saturn's rings I put on early last year.

Dave in Texas

10:02 PM  
Anonymous steve_in_hb said...

I'm not in to the space stuff at all, but when you look at that pic how can you not think "Jesus Christ, thats what it would be like standing on another planet."

Then I started looking for Sand People.

3:50 AM  

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