11 January 2006

Pat Robertson denied

I haven't said much about Prime Minister Sharon, because I was lost for words.

So instead I'll point you to Mere Rhetoric, a blog that is currently following the PM's status. I'm glad he seems to be recovering, but as Mere Rhetoric points out, strokes are very serious, and there's no telling how much cognitive ability he'll regain. I do have hope to offer, though, in that my mother's sister's husband's stepmother had a severe stroke several years ago, but has since recovered almost completely. I think it's frankly miraculous that the Prime Minister is still alive, given the severity of the situation as I understood it. My prayers go out to him and his family.

Mere Rhetoric also points out this story in the Jerusalem Post, about Pat Robertson being shunned by the Israeli government for the shameful remarks he made, which I won't repeat. Robertson was leading a group that was supposed to provide part of the funding for the Galilee Christian Heritage Center, but the Israelis are no longer interested.

To that, I say: Good.

I hope Israelis don't think that contemptible man represents America or Christians. He certainly doesn't represent me.


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