27 January 2006

So, I've returned to the Internet.

My cheerful mood, initiated by a pleasant conversation with a good friend and perpetuated by my avoiding the news, persisted from Sunday afternoon all the way to tonight. I was humming Rodgers & Hammerstein numbers and smiling at everyone I saw.

And then I decided to start catching up on what I missed around the 'sphere, and noticed a discussion of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy in one of Ace's comments threads. Sadly, the thread is several days dormant, which means I missed a chance to tell everyone just how sexy a certain blue-skinned Grand Admiral is. I mean, he's intelligent, highly competent, economical with words, and loves art. Villains just don't get sexier than that. Mmm.

Anyway, science news tomorrow. Possibly not till mid-afternoon, though.


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