17 January 2006

Today in the Battalion

Whoop for the first installment ever of my Today in the Battalion series!

Hey! They moved the comics to page 4! And now there are Batt Blogs. Oh, this will provide me with HOURS of entertainment. So far, the three blogs have one post each. One is complaining that the Batt takes up all his time, one is raving about some independent film (and misspells "masturbates"), and one points out that there are bits of news that the Batt doesn't cover. No kidding. Last year, it took them a good three weeks to notice there were any riots in Paris, and when they finally wrote an article, it went on about how the riots were fueled by racism without even hinting at the race of the rioters. (Nor did they mention what I thought was the really interesting part of the story: the French failure to assimilate immigrants.)

The sports section never interests me very much, except for the bias against the Astros, but two things jumped out at me today. One was the headline, "Aggies keep up strong Big 12 play." Just once, it'd be nice to see that headline during the football season...

...and on that note, a football player who had committed to A&M is now going to Oklahoma. His reason? "Winning." Ouch!

For the first time ever, I agree with the main point of every column on the opinion page. This is terrible news, because now I have nothing to blog about. There aren't even any Mail Calls to mock.

And the crossword took 6 minutes to complete.


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