31 January 2006

Today in the Science News: Humans & Animals

Engineers should never marry each other:
Because their kids have a higher chance of being autistic. It's all about the systematizing rather than the empathizing, and if you both think that way, then your kids have a high chance of inheriting your tendencies.

When I read about this guy's work last summer, the article had a link to a test of your systematizing & empathizing skills. I'm sure no one will be surprised to learn that I scored in the bottom group on empathizing and the top group on systematizing. The test results said that "very few men and almost no women" score that high, and that the men who did score that high generally had Asperger's syndrome. I was highly amused.

Regardless of this study, I still maintain that I couldn't possibly marry a non-engineer.

Extreme déjà vu:
A patient can recall very specific details about an event or meeting that never occurred. The doctors have since found other patients who have the same condition.

I wonder if I might have this. It would explain a lot, because I have very detailed, distinct memories of events that no one else remembers. For example, I distinctly remember playing a prank on my sister that involved a dead crawdad and a plastic Easter egg, but she doesn't remember it at all. And you would think she would, what with all the screaming.

Skiing cures deafness:
Woo-hoo! Let's hit the slopes!

Heaven forbid vultures should die! We must change our cattle medication!:
Ok, so vultures do serve a very important purpose in the ecosystem, but that doesn't change the fact that they're just f'n gross.

Distraught baboon makes nice:
Her daughter died, and so she had to find someone else to groom her. The article says at the end that baboons are stressed when their grooming partners die, because they aren't clean.

I find this very difficult to believe.

Very difficult.

Have these people even seen baboons?


Anonymous geoff said...

Regardless of this study, I still maintain that I couldn't possibly marry a non-engineer.

I always had the same sort of prejudice, spending my time looking for a long-haired physicist who loved sci-fi & jazz. Then I met a short-haired management type who likes mysteries and C&W, and, in a rare display of maturity and intellect, I married her. And in 13 1/2 years, I've had no regrets.

But at least your dating pool is significantly larger than mine was.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous geoff said...

Oh, and our progeny? Frickin' non-autistic geniuses is what they are. So mixing and matching our techie/non-techie genes has turned out well, at least so far.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

engineers. pfft.

can't tell them an f'n' thing.

Dave in Texas

6:08 PM  

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