27 January 2006

Today in the Science News: Part 2: Robots & Other Technology

I'm surprised Ace hasn't posted this one yet:
A robot that can store up to six cans of beer within its refrigerated exterior and, upon the push of a button, open a can and dispense the beer into a glass? It's got Ace of Spades Lifestyle written all over it. (Assuming that the robot can be modified to dispense Val-U-Rite vodka, of course.)

Robots again, assisting at surgery this time:
These robots have cameras and are less invasive than endoscopic cameras. Overall, much cooler than beer-bots.

Although I still think Linguo was the coolest robot ever. "Linguo! Dead?!" "Linguo...is...dead."

BMWs to be outfitted with night vision screens:
Ok, that is kind of cool. It's an IR thermal imaging camera, which makes people and animals stand out. Totally useless, but cool anyway.


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