20 January 2006

Today in the Science News: Part 3: Miscellaneous

As I said, tons of good stuff in the science news today. I particularly liked the study about college students' paranormal belief patterns. So, this is the third of three parts, Miscellaneous.

Human ears evolved from fish gills:
Apparently, a fish developed a kink in its gills, which led to a land creature having a cavity in its ear, which led to the middle ear, just like the one in humans.

One is forced to wonder what happened to Mr. Limpet's middle ear when he became a fish. And how did his glasses work underwater? The index of refraction is totally different.

China is ten percent darker than it was in '54 thanks to smog:
Well, I guess there's a reason we don't call it "Green China."

Vatican smacks down intelligent design:
An article in their newspaper, by a professor of evolutionary biology, basically says ID isn't science and that evolutionary theory doesn't explain everything. Which is what I've been saying.

Malthus was right! There's not enough metal for the world!:
Ever heard of a little thing called "innovation"?

Cancer researcher is an f'n liar:
Good Lord, man. People's lives are affected by your research. And you just make stuff up?

Wristwatch pokes you a lot, finds malaria:
I share the skepticism of the scientists quoted in this article. The inventor claims to have developed a wristwatch-like device that periodically pricks the wearer's skin and can detect the malaria parasite, which apparently has a unique frequency of movement.

I'm very dubious.

That wraps up today's science news (finally). And tonight, according to Space.com, if you go outside about 10:30 and look straight up, you'll see the Gemini.


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