27 January 2006

Today in the Science News: Part 4: Animals

Monkey cops necessary for keeping the peace:
When the peacekeeper monkeys are removed, the group quickly degenerates into rampant anarchy, with plenty of unnecessary violence and doody-flinging (the article didn't mention the latter, but I felt it was clearly evident). See how important big, strong, powerful males are? I know they're important to me.

Scorpions already scare the crap out of me:
And now we learn they can even survive being encased in plaster for 15 months. What does it take to kill those little [insert your own swear word here]?

Go ahead, yell it out:
Apparently, you can protect your auditory system from damage caused by your own voice. Or so research in crickets suggests.

Not that I particularly care about the wild-animal trade, but:
The article claims that there are more tigers living captive in the U.S. than in the wild. Does that strike anyone else as unlikely?


Anonymous steve_in_hb said...

Re: Monkey Cops

Malcolm in the Middle already demonstrated this. There was an episode where Reese stopped bullying everybody at school and chaos ensued due to the power vacumn. The kid in the wheelchair was abused (under Reese's reign he was off-limits), cliques formed and fought, etc. Finally, Reese resumed the bullying role for the good of student society.

8:41 PM  
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