19 January 2006

Tons of stuff to do today

but here's a face shot (with no Voldemort eyes!) to keep you busy while I'm running around offline. However, tonight, it will be The original picture has been replaced with a smiley face I will draw drew using the Gimp. No word yet on whether the smiley face will have Voldemort eyes.

I took a cursory look at the science news and didn't see anything that leaped off the page (except for a story about the face transplant patient using her new lips to smoke), but New Horizons is supposed to launch for real today. Right. I'll believe it when I see it.

Have a great day, everyone!

Update: As you can see, the dreaded Voldemort eyes managed to work their way even into this crude sketch.

And if you don't like my cobra, then I invite you to draw a better one using only the paintbrush tools in the Gimp and without referencing any pictures of actual cobras.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awwwww. what a cute Aggie.

D in T

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Slublog said...

Nice picture.

But still, I think I'll use this opportunity to tell another Aggie joke:

This Aggie goes into a doctor's office all cut up and bruised and the doctor says, "My goodness, what happened to you?" and the Aggie says, "Well I was in this horse race and I fell off my horse. And then the horse started jumping up and down on top of me."

And the doctor says, "That must have been terrible!" and the Aggie replies "I know. I could have been killed if the Wal-Mart man hadn't unplugged the machine."

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Shawn, Neo-Con War Commenter said...

Is Texas just a grand place? I love the entire idea of the state of Texas.

Except as a Redskins fan, I naturally hate Dallas and Cowboys fans. But apart from that, Texas is a wonderful state.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous someone said...


So did Ace ask you to guest blog?

4:33 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

someone - No, but it would be really funny if he were that desperate for guest bloggers.

Shawn - yes, Texas kicks ass. Except for Dallas, as you point out. (I am an Astros fan, and we resent the stRangers occasionally bumping the 'Stros from Fox Sports Southwest.)

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Former Texan myself. Twice. Well, I lived in San Antonio, which is actually Mexico, but officially it's on our side of the border. Loved the place. San Antonio is like what Mexico would be like if it worked. And if you're a biker, you can get out and cruise through the little towns in the picturesque Texas Hill Country almost year round. But spring is the best. With a couple of good rains, the wildflowers are spectacular.

6:42 PM  

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