13 January 2006

The Ultimate Goal!

Allah hat-tipped me!

I'm just stunned, because this guy is like lightning. Getting to a story before he does is pretty frickin' awesome. He didn't give me an actual link, but that's ok, because Plus, Ace linked me on the vampire story. So welcome to anyone who came via that link those links, and have a look around.

My gimmick is science news, complete with commentary that I flatter myself is amusing. "Spurwing and the Borg" has also been very well-received. Next week, I start another daily feature: "Today in the Battalion." (The Batt is our student-run newspaper, and it is ridiculously liberal.) It'll be great, so come on back for the first installment next Tuesday.

Update with correction: Allah updated the post to include a link. May he be praised!

And I really didn't mind that there wasn't a link originally. I was very excited about the hat tip, and certainly didn't intend to sound petulant, so I hope no one interpreted my words that way.


Anonymous doc said...

mmm... petulant, do it again!

7:06 PM  
Blogger Chestertonian Rambler said...

The Batt is not ridiculously liberal.

It is ridiculous, and mildly liberal.

Now Touchstone, on the other hand...

10:44 AM  

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