10 February 2006

Finally, a mail call worth mocking!

Wow...read the DU much?
The crazy thing about Joshua Dwyer's column is that he fails to mention that Arlen Specter, a Republican, has mentioned impeachment of George W. Bush. The Democrats have been very easy on President Bush - although his approval ratings have fallen dramatically, the Democrats have failed to produce a leader to step over the corpse of this failing administration. The column mentions the "revelation of Valerie Plame's not-so-secret identity." However, the most recent issue of Newsweek indicates that Plame's identity was perhaps more secret that the defense attorneys for Scooter Libbey [sic] have led us to believe. Bush will not be impeached, however his impeachable are multitudinous [sic]. First and foremost is the Downing Street Memo, which stated that intelligence was being fixed around Bush's plans to go to war with Iraq. The American media and the Democrats have largely ignored this memo. Other good reasons for impeachment include the Plame affair, the use of torture, the yellowcake affair, and the warrantless domestic wiretaps. President Clinton was impeached for far less. If Texas A&M has an honor code that states: "an Aggie does not TOLERATE those who lie, cheat, and steal," how can any Aggie tolerate Bush?
I couldn't stop laughing as I typed this out. I've never seen so many liberal boogeymen packed into less than 200 words.

Ok, Jason, let's take your "points," such as they are, one by one.
  1. Arlen Specter is a RINO. Your citing him in this context is equivalent to my saying that your claim that Democrats don't like the President is silly because Zell Miller does like him.
  2. "The Democrats have been very easy on President Bush"? Man, do you ever leave the DU?
  3. "The Democrats have failed to produce a leader." You and I are in agreement there.
  4. L'affaire Plame is a ridiculously minor inside-the-Beltway "scandal" that has nothing to do with George W. Bush.
  5. "However his impeachable are multitudinous" reminds me of the classic Ann Landers column with the letter from the pothead. I'll have to find it and type it up for y'all. ("[Pot] has open my eyes to the beaties of the world and unquestionable. This proves the police are pigs.") But I suspect that was probably an editing mistake - I've had my mail calls messed up before.
  6. "Fixed around" - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  7. You know what would be real torture? If we told the terrorists at Gitmo who killed Professor Dumbledore before they get to read the book.
  8. Joe Wilson has been thoroughly discredited.
  9. There are no warrantless domestic wiretaps. There are wiretaps on people who are f'n calling al-Qaeda. Don't want your phone tapped? Then don't give Abu Hamza a ring to ask how his hook-hands are working out.
  10. The Aggie honor code says, "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do." And yet, most of us tolerate President Bush just fine. But not Clinton so much. Go figure.
Jason is clearly an accredited member of the reality-based community. I salute him.


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