03 February 2006

On the Mohammed cartoon

"Blogburst" covered by Michelle Malkin, and protesters shown at Sweetness & Light (thanks to lauraw at Ace of Spades).

My take: I try to show respect to others' religious beliefs. For instance, I wouldn't take communion at a Catholic church, and I wouldn't give a Jewish friend a winter holiday present wrapped in paper that says "Jesus is the Reason for the Season." So I personally wouldn't draw a depiction of Mohammed (or if I did, wouldn't publish it), and won't be showing the cartoons on my blog.

But at the same time, I hardly think threatening to behead, slay, butcher, exterminate, and/or massacre "those who insult Islam" is an appropriate response to a handful of silly cartoons.

It certainly makes accepting Islam as the "Religion of Peace" somewhat difficult.


Anonymous geoff said...

The standards for "insulting Islam" are awfully low, and, when they are met, they seem to get lower still. Basically anything the kufr says, draws, or sings about Islam can be construed as "insulting Islam." Right now the fundamentalists are picking the low-hanging fruit, but if they win these battles, they're only going to be more aggressive.

6:27 AM  

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