02 February 2006

Seattle and Trademark Infringement

The more I hear about the Seahawks' blatant infringement of our 12th Man trademark, the angrier I get.

For those who might not know, Texas A&M is rich with tradition and history. One of the most meaningful traditions is the 12th Man.

The story goes that back in Old Army days, there was a basketball player named E. King Gill who was a former football player. His senior year, the Ags were playing an important game and had suffered any number of injuries. There were only eleven players left. The coach, Dana X. Bible, knew that if another player left the game, he would have to forfeit. He remembered E. King Gill, called him out of the stands, and sent him to change into one of the injured players' uniforms. Gill obeyed, and spent the rest of the game hovering at the coach's elbow, prepared to enter the game at any moment.

He never did play, but in recognition of his willingness to enter the game and in symbolism of our own willingness to support fellow Aggies, we all stand throughout the entirety of every football game. Our tradition is over eighty years old, very meaningful to the student body and to former students, and far predates the Seahawks' use of the term "12th Man."

I am particularly angry because Seattle has ignored the cease & desist letters A&M has sent, and to this day refuses to comment on their trademark infringement. They are displaying a complete lack of respect for us and our ancient tradition, not to mention our legal ownership of the trademark.

I fully support Texas A&M's decision to take Seattle to court. It is the only course of action we have remaining.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is the only course of action we have remaining.

You could invade. They'd never see you coming.

Dave in Texas

8:45 AM  
Anonymous nino said...

That's what you get for stealing the seahawk's bonfire.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous rhodeymark said...

Don't forget aTm machines - the nerve! Let's hope Pitt gives you some satisfaction :)

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Jordan said...

Those whiny blue staters will collapse like a cheap lawn chair.

5:46 PM  
Anonymous geoff said...

You could invade. They'd never see you coming.

...and never notice you leaving.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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