01 March 2006

Reason #74,875,249 why running kicks ass

I found 36 cents on the street this morning! Whoop!

Now I can pay for another 30 minutes of rent!

Update: Top Ten Things to Buy with 36 Cents:
10. 48% of a Nestle Crunch bar
9. 12.96 seconds on the space shuttle simulator
8. 3.6E-07 ounces of moon rock
7. 85.1 seconds of "Kokomo," by the Beach Boys
6. 5.06 miles traveled at 70 mph in a 1995 Chevy Corsica at 2006 gas prices
5. 0.62 inches of a New York Sub #11
4. 4.67 hours of basic cable service
3. 12 1-kΩ resistors
2. 0.8% of a seat on the first base side at the Juice Box

and the #1 thing you can buy with 36 cents:
1. Your dignity. Instead of interrupting your run to pick up three dimes, a nickel, and a penny, you could just keep going. Yes, they're shiny, and that nickel might have been a quarter, and the penny might have been a wheat penny, but really, was it worth it?

(Yes, yes it was.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An Aggie accidentally drops a dime into the toilet. He looks for a moment, then takes a quarter from his pocket, and drops it in. He then reaches in and retrieves them both, saying to himself "for ten cents, no. for 35 cents, yes"

d in t

4:02 PM  

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