01 March 2006

Shuttle to make (giggle) Three Flights in (snicker) 2006


Anyway, this story has a picture of the newly redesigned ET.

(For those of you who might have missed it, this post has a fairly complete rundown on my position on the shuttle.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I worked for a defense contractor in the mid 80s, we had a sales call from a bunch of slicks from (unnamed telecommunications company), wanting to sell us on their data circuit service... very spensive back then.

The lead rep sat at a table with about 25 of us IT types, and started cracking Challenger jokes to break the ice.

No one was laughing. I was new to the company so I wasn't really aware, but finally my manager looked at the lad and said "we are a subcontractor to NASA and to Martin-Marietta. We worked closely with the Challenger team. Some of the people in here knew members of the crew. So it isn't really funny to us.

I never saw a more miserable account representative in my life.

And I'm soo glad I didn't chuckle at any of his jokes.

d in t

8:08 AM  

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