06 April 2006

De Villepin and his job law less than popular

Here's an article about Dominique de Villepin, who is a man, and his jobs law. There's nothing really new in the article. Blah blah, de Villepin proposing a law that will allow employers to fire people who are under 26, blah blah, instant rioting of normally lackadaisical French youth who don't want to be fired but apparently don't like employment either, blah blah, Chirac trying to save face for de Villepin, blah blah. Here's the good part:
The standoff over the law, pushed through by Villepin in February, continued to pummel his popularity. In an opinion poll scheduled to be published this week in L'Express magazine, 45 percent of those surveyed said he should resign.

"What use is Villepin?" said a headline appearing in the newspaper Le Parisien.
That, folks, is a question often asked aboard the Skylark of Valeron. But now that de Villepin is pissing off the French, I think we finally have an answer.


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