17 May 2006


Sexuality survey for high-schoolers:
1) What do you think caused your heterosexuality?
2) When did you decide you were heterosexual?
3) Could it be that your heterosexuality is just a phase?
4) To whom have you disclosed your heterosexuality? How did they react?
5) If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn't prefer it?
6) Is it likely that you have (sic) just haven't' met the right same gender partner yet?
7) Why do you flaunt your lifestyle with wedding rings, photos at work and talk of your heterosexual escapades?
8) Your heterosexuality doesn't offend me as long as you don't try to come on to me, but why do so many heterosexuals try to seduce others to their orientation?
9) Considering the battering abuse and divorce rate associated with heterosexual coupling, why would you want to enter into that kind of relationship?
10) Why do you heterosexuals place so much emphasis on sex?
RWS's answers were pretty good.

I must say, this survey is pretty damn inappropriate for teenagers.

And how about if everyone just shuts the hell up about their sex lives? You don't see me posting tales of hot nerd sex, no matter how many natural 20s I've rolled in my time.

Update: Okay, Ace can talk about his sex life. (MAJOR content warning. Also, keyboard and monitor damage warning in the event that you are consuming a beverage.) But he's the only one.


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