30 May 2006

New Policy Statement

Michael's not the only one who can make policy statements (which he then ignores, I might add). If you'll look at my sidebar, you'll notice that I have added a statement indicating that all emails sent to me are subject to being posted and then mocked.

So the question is, would it be bad if I were to post and mock an email that was sent to me prior to the publishing of this policy?

Of course, with some people, it's just so hard to resist:
Some of the remaining proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go to the campaign to elect the first woman president (and I do not care who she is, what her personal philosophy is, or which party claims her) because the worst woman will still probably be better than the best man. And by the way guys, if you were to turn it all over to the women, you could sit around on the couch and watch the atheletes [sic] manipulate a ball (on the field) or actors glorify violence and disrespect (on the screen), even longer than you do now. So you see, it is a win/win situation.
Yes, this is a man.

Discussing his motivation behind creating his line of women's clothing, he notes:

I have been sitting on the porch out here, for about ten years now. Watching the male golfers bring their (measurement) issues out to the driving range with them. Watching about 99.9% of them having their progress hindered by those issues. Knowing that if they can’t even leave those issues at home when it is time to play a game, that they will certainly bring them to the table when it is time to deal with the important things like power, politics, famine, war, environment, etc... men appear to be concerned only with instant gratification, and possessing no inclination to endeavor.

The men have screwed it up long enough! It is time to give the women an opportunity to see how they can do. No way they could do any worse than the men have. I am ashamed of the way we have behaved toward women from the beginning of time. I can know everything I need to know about a society by the way they treat their women. Women are the superior of the sexes!

Wow. Just...wow.

How did this guy find me? Does he just troll (in the sense of fishing) for women's blogs and then email the hapless bloggers?

I was going to complain that I'm obviously conservative, but then I realized I haven't posted anything political in quite some time. That's because the major issue at the moment is immigration, and I'm too pissed off to be able to post coherently. (It's my money that's going to have to pay for all these damn illegal aliens' health care and such. Also, they can collect Social Security, but a teacher can't? What the hell?)

Anyway, my position on the matter of "women's empowerment" is that it's all BS. I work in engineering, which is a male-dominated field, and I have never been treated differently because of being female. You want to know why? Because I don't expect to be treated differently. It never even crosses my mind that someone could possibly treat me differently. And the result is that no one does.

Also, since he judges societies by the way they treat their women, I am certain he abhors Islamist societies and strongly supports the War on Terror, which has brought increase in liberty and even voting rights to many women. I'm also certain that he would fully support President Rice in her every endeavor.

I'm not going to post the email itself, since it was sent prior to my making the policy statement, but I will note that in the postscript, he inquired as to what an RPG is. (I have RPGs listed among my interests in my profile.) I'm tempted to reply and tell him that it's a rocket-propelled grenade.


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