30 May 2006

Today's random fact about which none of my readers care

In tonight's victory, Craig Biggio tied Hank Aaron for ninth on the all-time doubles list.

Trivia question: Craig Biggio is only the second player in history to have at least 50 doubles and 50 stolen bases in one season (he did it in 1998). Who is the other? (No fair looking it up, of course.)

Update: I'll reveal one more letter every hour*. Let's start with R.

_ R _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ R

*By "every hour" I mean "every time I think of it, and right now I've got to read up on our organizational structure at work, so it'll probably be midnight before I remember I posted an update, much less a foolish promise to reveal another letter every hour."

Just so we're clear.

Update II: As guessed in the comments, it is indeed Tris Speaker, a famous center fielder from the dead ball era. He is top of the doubles list with 792. Craig will take sole possession of ninth with his next double, #625, and eighth is Honus Wagner with 640. Biggio currently has 20 doubles in 54 games, putting him on track for 60 doubles this season. I don't really think he is going to hit 60 doubles this season, but he has hit at least 40 the last three seasons, which would pass Honus and possibly Carl Yastrzemski (he needs 43 for that).

By the way, MLB.com has a Milestone Tracker, which I hadn't run across before. It's pretty nifty.


Anonymous Matt30 said...

My guess was Ty Cobb, but I looked him up after making my guess...nope. He came close.

Now I'm thinking it was someone in the modern era, and for some reason I just don't have as good a handle on modern stats. I would never have guessed Biggio did it, for example.

Speaking of, I assume it is apparent to you by now that the Astros aren't going anywhere this year. My beloved Cardinals are ripe for the picking. It just so happens that every other team in the division are even more flawed than the Cardinals. Mark my words, the Cards will win the division with somewhere around 90 wins, I'd be surprised if any other team is above 85.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

Ty Cobb is in the right time period. I'll reveal the answer later on today unless someone gets it.

I'd be wary of making predictions. Last May, the Astros were in an even worse position than they are now, and I think we all know who went to the World Series and who bid farewell to their old ballpark with a loss.

But yeah, I'd be surprised if the Cards don't take the division again.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Matt30 said...

Oh gosh, that was my next guess (I won't give it away, in case anyone else is still playing along)! I didn't recall if he was that prolific a base stealer though. I know he still holds the all-time career record for doubles though (another hint).

By the way, are you a fan of Bill James' work? If not, he's one of the fathers of sabermetrics. A few years back he was saying that Biggio was the best player in the game today, perhaps one of the best players all time, if I recall correctly. I thought he was a bit off his rocker. I mean, Biggio is a great player, a definite Hall of Famer, I just had a hard time seeing what James was seeing that the rest of us weren't.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous pioneer46 said...

Looks like Tris Speaker. To be fair, the R's, and Earl Weaver Baseball growing up, helped tremendously. Tris Speaker was awesome in that game!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

Yep, Tris Speaker. I figured it would be pretty obvious with the R's, and also if you happened to know he was top of the doubles list.

Yes, I know who Bill James is. I did see a reference to that somewhere...I think he was saying Biggio was one of the top second basemen, not one of the top players. I'm not sure how he figured that, but hey, I'm not going to argue. :-)

I'm not really that much of a statistics or trivia person...I just like this particular factoid.

6:13 PM  

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