03 July 2006

Gaza conflict: Update

I'm sure most of you are following the events through Haaretz, the JPost, and blogs like Israellycool and Vital Perspective. But for anyone who's missed it, sometime yesterday, the Palestinians issued an ultimatum stating that Israel must release one thousand prisoners, by which they meant one thousand terrorists who were in flagrante delicto, or else "the case would be closed" for Corporal Shalit.

Needless to say, Israel rejected this absurd demand, and informed the Palestinians once again that the entire Gaza offensive would end as soon as Corporal Shalit was released unharmed. The deadline for the ultimatum has recently passed, and the Islamic Army spokesman is now saying that the discussion is closed on Corporal Shalit.

I fear he has already been murdered, much as Eliyahu Asheri was murdered almost as soon as he was captured, while the Palestinian terrorists claimed he was alive. If my fear proves to be founded, then Israel will redouble their efforts, and continue to destroy Hamas's infrastructure, severely hampering their ability to wage terror while - and mark this - inflicting virtually no civilian casualties.

Low Israeli civilian casualties are the result of Palestinian incompetence, whereas low Palestinian civilian casualties are the result of Israel making carefully executed strikes against military targets only. The Palestinians' primary goal is the extermination of Israel. They have stated as much on many occasions. They fire rockets at nonmilitary targets in Israel daily. They kidnap civilians and soldiers, and brutally murder them. They send their women and children into civilian areas wearing belts of explosives. They have claimed to have biological weapons, declared their intention of using them against Israel, and claimed that they fired such a weapon.

Make no mistake: The Palestinians have declared war on Israel.

And what does the world say?

The world tells Israel to exercise restraint.

Even Tony Snow, while affirming Israel's right to fight for the return of their soldier and stating firmly that Hamas must release him, ends his speeches with this maudlin platitude.

Shame on you, Mr. Snow. And shame on you, Mr. Bush. Has Israel done anything other than exercise restraint? And have the Palestinians done anything other than attempt to slaughter Israeli civilians indiscriminately?


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