25 July 2006

Memo to people who like to put quotations in their email signatures:

The utter idiocy of your quotation will be slightly mitigated if you can manage to spell the name of the person you're quoting correctly.


Anonymous BlameCandida said...

"If any of the things I have said or written manage to make it into the annals of history, please spell my name right."

--Stuff Jeferson Said

9:04 PM  
Anonymous steve_in_hb said...

The worst is people who do it at work. There was a secretary in my old company who had a rotation of "inspirational" message.

She would also change her font color, insert clip art, and change the background of her email in Outlook based on upcoming holidays. My position was that she needed more work.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous geoff said...

Sigs are pretty annoying in general - a failed attempt to boost the author's credentials by clinging to the pith of a far more worthy personality.


Whoop!! Masturbation!!
Mrs. Pele

12:39 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

steve - word. Those people are why I've seriously considered setting all my email to read as plain text. But, alas, there are legitimate reasons for formatting.

geoff - *sigh*

5:19 PM  
Anonymous kevlarchick said...

I usually sign my emails with a curse or hex. Seems appropriate in many cases.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We fixed this little problem by firing people who did it.

It was fun.

d in t

10:07 PM  
Blogger Muslihoon said...

I have a signature in my email address. It's to annoy Muslims. Who most likely won't get why they should be annoyed.

"Why this moron quoting Qur'an?" Hellloooo! I'm making fun of it! "Ooooh, burn down his embassy!" Or is it consulate? I never get it right.

12:39 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

Musli, you wouldn't have liked this chick. Not only did she pick the most idiotic Gandhi quotation available, some garbage about a nation's moral character being determined by how it treats its animals (??? even if it's true, what does it have to do with work? And does this mean she repudiates China?), but she spelled his name...oh, you know how she spelled it. Agh!

kevlar, now that sounds like a good idea. I'll have to try out Accio EMI Test Report! and see if I get it any faster.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Muslihoon said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! Not that! Arg, I hate it when people misspell that name. Well, people who tend to quote Gandhi tend to be airheads anyway. Gandhi was an interesting person. But you're right: it has nothing to do with work, so why include it? When I was in corporate America (albeit in customer service) most people's signatures had stuff like their name, title, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, carrier pidgeon route, et cetera. Although, with all due respect, thanks to the Internets if I need to find the contact information for someone in the company, it would be very easy to do so.

Now, signing off an email with a hex - oh, that sounds delicious.

8:11 PM  
Blogger steller said...

lol your right about that.. better off if you don't quote at all because it is offending to discovering someon quoting you and not knowing who you are. a lot of authors from wealthymen.com even sued people who does that saying that it is plagiarism to give credit of a piece of literature to someone else..

11:04 PM  
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