22 July 2006

Terror plans in Texas City?

Texas Rainmaker has some of the details.

Basically, two men, both 21, accidentally blew up their apartment. The explosive they were using is similar to TATP, which is frequently employed in suicide bombings. One man, Matthew Rugo, was killed, and the other was injured. Rugo worked for Will Duett, a company that specializes in cleaning offshore oil rig components.

An article in today's Galveston County Daily News has more details. Curtis Jetton, the injured pyrotechnician, told authorities there were no more explosives in the apartment, but later admitted he'd been lying, and was therefore placed in county jail on state charges of filing a false police report. A controlled explosion was set off in the apartment to detonate the remaining explosives, which the paper describes as composing a "huge cache."

The article also says that Jetton made bail on Friday, and federal authorities promptly took him into custody. Jetton has said that the two belonged to an anti-government group.

The article quotes Jetton's obviously deluded mom extensively ("He was there [living with Rugo] mainly to party"; "Curtis may be smart in some things, but others not so much"; "In his heart, he loved [Rugo] like a brother"; "He has always tried to look and act bigger than he really is. He will say anything socially to get attention"; "Curtis slept on the couch. The apartment was in Matt's name. Matt was the one taking biochemistry in school"), but there is nary a mention of Rugo's parents other than in a comment Jetton's mom makes. This odd absence extends to TV reports on the subject. What's the deal?

This whole situation smells like terror to me.

(Hat tip to Mom Peel, who has never entertained a single delusion regarding her progeny, for bringing these circumstances to my attention.)

Update: Sorry, forgot to link the article, and forgot to clarify that Rugo's parents are mentioned - but only in a quotation from Jetton's mom. Check out the rest of Jetton's mom's comments. They're pretty funny. Also notice that (as Jason highlights on his site) Jetton's affidavit stated that he was part of the explosive-purchasing shopping trips and that he was well aware of the process of making a bomb. The kid's not a dupe, no matter what his mom and the various news reports might try to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That kid from OU was up to something too.

I'm really getting tired of us whitewashing this shit.

d in t

8:50 PM  
Blogger Muslihoon said...

One of the best things about the Internet, and about blogs, is that the facts of a situation become known (although how quickly or slowly this happens depends on a number of factors). Especially now that there are many people who are devoted to national security, stories like these are watched intensely.

The only "mainstream media" resource I use is The Jerusalem Post. Other bloggers are quite adept at monitoring what various news sources and experts and pundits are saying, condensing the information, and posting it. I depend on them mostly. The added benefit is that they not only say what happened but also what is being reported, what is being left out, et cetera.

Thanks for the story, Mrs. Peel. I look forward to learning more about this issue.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Brady Ware said...

Alright, alittle clarification. First, I'd like to state that this whole thing is a perfect example of how media overhypes anything they can, and we, being paranoid and gullible, believe it. Word of mouth from sensationalizing journalists is one thing, words from someone who know the kid personally should be more trustworthy, right?

I was friends with matt for many years. I was in the same graduating class as him, we were in alot of the same classes, we were in the same close-knit group of friends. We hung out on the weekends and went to the same parties, and anyone that knows him can tell you how hilarious it is that people are slapping terrorism onto this (though I know matt would've thought it was hilarious to see he'd gotten so much attention).

Look, Matt was a quiet, extraordinarily bright kid. He spent alot of his time making explosives for the same reason you lit black cats and roman candles on the 4th: its fun, its exciting, and he was one of the few I knew that were intelligent enough to love the chemistry behind it. I can speak from experience and knowing him that, not only would he never harm another person, but I've never heard him even say anything bad about another person before, and that's hard for anyone. He was a kind person, misled at times, but we've all done petty things as teenagers, we're all human. Confusing every pyrotech and overzealous novice chemist with terrorism is just another thing going wrong in our nation. Terror is subjective and it is brought on by paranoia and the media. 6 years ago we would have called this an accident, which is exactly what it was.

No anarchist ring. No anti-war group. A science experiment gone wrong, which happens. And as for the suspicion behind Matt's parents. Let me ask you this: if your son had just been killed in an explosion and you had the world trying to pin terrorism on an accident, would you want to deal with it? I bet the answer is no. Have a little respect, and remember to come to the source. Anarchist ring, ha. There's our high dollar taxes at work.

2:39 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Peel said...

I appreciate that you want to defend your friend, but Jetton, who also knew him, is telling a different story.

Also, anyone who thinks playing with explosives is fun does not qualify as "extraordinarily bright" in my book.

Acts of terror are not brought on "by paranoia and the media," but by the fact that there are a lot of people out there who want to kill us all for the mere crime of being Americans; and there is a significant fifth column present in our country. So, someone who's got suicide bombing materials is going to come under pretty close scrutiny.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Curtis very well during high school. He was one of my closest friends. This whole thing doesn't surprise me because he was always lighting stuff on fire. From what I knew of Curtis, he was just a misunderstood kid who needed attention. Once, he even got me in trouble for a fire he started in an abandoned house. I talked to him recently about this incident and he couldnt say much, but I know he didn't intend to hurt anyone or be any part of any terroristic organization. It was an accident.

1:12 PM  
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Anonymous will said...

I would just like to say that Mrs. peel obviously beleives everything she hears in the media without question and that she couldent be more wrong. Ive known matt almost my whole life I walked with him at graduation I was at his apartment in texas city the weekend before the accident. What is the "diffrent" story your reffering too because I have talked to the fbi and I know what jetton said and it had nothing to do with terroism. So save your finger pointing for real criminals

11:54 AM  
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